Let’s talk about marketing strategy. 

You already believe in strategy. Exploring a basic example will show you how ingrained this is in all of us.

If you have a product you sell in a big box store where in the store do you want it? At the front door is better than the back by the bathroom right? Not always.

What if it’s a hygiene product or something like medication? People want to shop in private, away from high-traffic zones. Another type of product is the impulse purchase. You will find these products at the till. While you stand in line your impulsive nature and feeling of having to decide before it’s your turn drives the sale.

Digital marketing is no different. Get in front of people the right way and at the right time. Marketing strategy is about putting your best product in front of the right people, at the right place, with a good price

Not all customers are the same, however all customers buy for the same reason. Customers buy the product they know the best that will solve their problem for a price they can afford. So get your product out there. Become one of the products people know. Show the value you provide. And get in front of people where they are shopping.

Figuring out where that ideal market is and how to get in front of them, that is the strategy. The strategy that makes the difference.