Marketing Management 

Take your marketing to the next level with Solis Sphere Marketing Management. From strategy to execution, we deliver best in class service.

Growth Package

marketing for the growth-focused business

This is the package for you if you want full-service management. We will cover all of your marketing needs and allow you to grow year over year!


Do we know everything? No. You know your brand better than we do. Our research starts with you. We talk to you and get all the information we can.

We then do our own research into your metric. From public data to applying our past experience to your situation, we make sure we have the best information to help your business grow through marketing.


We are not Chuck Norris. Our team works off a plan. Run-and-gun marketing is not consistent or effective. That is why we build out a specified plan for you!

The key to this is to have systems that can be run consistently and be tracked for future reference.

Does your company need change as you grow? Of course they do. That’s why we keep updating the structure along the way.


Well, now we know what to do and how we will do it. It’s time to actually run campaigns. Whether we are running paid ads, organic content, or a trade show, we are there to deliver.

This stage is crucial. All the planning in the world won’t bring your business sales. What brings the results is the campaigns. 

We make this easy!


How do you know if you have good marketing? Having a good feeling only goes so far. We pride ourselves on checking in on all the metrics we can and providing a report.

This is a must. When you get marketing you need to know what you are getting.

We provide you with what you need to make real business decisions.

Strategy Package

Helping businesses take their marketing to the next level

This is a done-with-you program. We provide insights while you deliver the campaigns. This is perfect if you have internal marketing that needs a push.


Like in the full management plan, we don’t have all the answers. You understand your brand better than us. Our research starts with your input. We engage in conversations with you, gathering all possible information.

Then, we delve into your metrics, conducting our own research. We analyze public data and apply our experience to your situation, ensuring we have the best information to boost your business through marketing.


No one is a superhero. Our team helps you build out a strategy and structure to stay away from haphazard marketing that lacks consistency and effectiveness.

The key lies in implementing reliable systems that can be consistently executed and monitored.

Does your company require adjustments as it expands? Absolutely! That’s why we adapt and refine the strategic framework along the way.


What does a marketing meeting look like? We simply go over all your marketing channels, going over metrics, strategy, and new opportunities. 

These meetings are where we enhance your marketing efforts. Providing key adjustments and recommendations to push your marketing to the next level one step at a time. 

Every session will end with next steps and key campaigns. We will help you plan for success and build the brand you know you need!

Solis Sphere Advantage

Marketing is not a small thing. It grows and establishes your sales pipeline. Now how can Solis Sphere save you decades of testing and allow you to focus on what you do best – your business?

Well, let me tell you how we do this. Our ownership comes from decades of experience and many years of testing everything. Working with companies in many verticals, we have built out systems and marketing plans that work time and time again.

We are a small crew giving you specialized service. Don’t worry about becoming a number in an agency roster. Personalized service all the time every time. Have our direct number and direct access to your marketing team anytime. 

Ready to bring your marketing to the next level?

Let’s work together to create a fantastic marketing strategy today!