Marketing is changing.

From a survey taken of 1200+ marketers by HubSpot, nearly 80% of all marketers agree that things have changed more in the last three years than the previous five decades.
This is an incredible amount of change. We want to help you stay on top of it. 

Here are some key takeaways from the last year to get you up to speed:

Search is moving to social media. 

The data is in. 40% of Gen Z say they prefer to search on social media over Google. This aligns with Google’s report earlier this year that YouTube makes up over 40% of all searches done on the internet.

What does this mean for you? It means getting content on YouTube, Meta, and X can really drive traffic to your brand. As marketing specialists, we try to look at the types of searches as well as the audiences making the searches to build a strategy.

On YouTube people are looking for authoritative information on topics, tutorials, and current events. This is a great place to build a brand, publish current news, or build a loyal customer base.

Facebook and Instagram hold another role in the internet in this day and age. It’s a place for interaction and direct connection to people and companies. People have turned to DMs for customer service and building a relationship with those running small businesses. It has become the ‘updates only’ platform. Updates on what you are doing is all people post about. Reels are a different story and fall into the short form video world.

Speaking of short form video, this new medium has taken the world by storm. From the TikTok dances to the YouTube shorts, this is the new era of scrolling. Controversial as it might be, the short form video game is the same as the rest, just faster. The name of the game is to inform, entertain, and inspire.
To beat the algorithm on Instagram is to hold people’s attention for more then 6 seconds. The easy but cheap way to do that is to have quick choppy reals.

The rest of the platforms require a little more substance to hold people for longer periods of time.

Finally, let’s talk about websites. The world of websites has also changed. With attention spans shortening, dynamic sites perform much better than traditional stand-still sites. Having subtle, or even not so subtle, animations can take your site to the next level. It pulls the attention, driving people to stay focused and spend more time interacting with your brand.