Businesses need websites. They help drive leads, create sales, and act as the online gateway to fantastic products and services. A great site will create leads and make you money. 

This is where we come in. We are in the business of building your first online impression. Crafting websites that make the difference. This blog will give you a rundown of what we do and why you should hire us. 😉 (or what to think about when you do it yourself.)

So let’s jump into it. People buy from companies they know and trust. So let’s explore how to build a website to help. It won’t happen on its own.

First off let’s start with people.

A website built for people is a website that helps. Design appeal through intuitive elements and clear direction put people at ease. When you land on a website there should be a clear goal. A call to action. 

People are creatures of habit. I drink coffee every morning like clockwork. It would be really strange if I went to reach for the coffee beans and they were not in the regular spot. It is the same with a website. If the logo isn’t in the top left you will have people looking. They can find it but it doesn’t feel like home. Here are a few more: The menu at the top of the screen, cart in the top right, search at the top or in the middle of the landing page, and a footer at the bottom with all your important links.

The other thing about people is they like pictures and videos. A good picture can make or break your site. One well-placed video can blow the socks off anyone visiting your site.

Make your site for people and people will respond. 

Now let’s talk about the know part.

You can’t buy a product you don’t know about. The product you have might be the best but if no one knows about it you won’t sell a single unit. Advertising is your key to piquing interest, websites are the key for turning that interest into informed desire. 

People do their research to make informed decisions. Your site is the primary source of information about what you do. This is your official call to lay it all out. 

Now, your website is not going to create leads all on its own. You will need to create traffic through social media, paid ads, building a brand, and using SEO. But your site is how you get people to know you and know your product.

So this brings us to trust.

Trust is the building block to every sale. We all buy from people, brands, and companies we trust. There are 4 building blocks to what makes us trust.

  1. The public has vouched for the product.
  2. Someone we trust vouches for the product.
  3. Other organizations we trust vouch for the product.
  4. You feel you have a connection to the product or the company story.
  5. We have experience with the brand or product.

A good salesperson will tell you that you have to build trust before you sell. So how can we do that with a website you might be asking. It all starts with Social Proof. Social proof is one of the keys to a great site. You want to show that people are vouching for you with great reviews and great case studies. When you show a case study solving a problem or outline how your process works you build trust. As you gain reviews that have real people singing the praises of your company you build trust. Social proof ends with very important badges and endorsements from respected organizations. 

This is not where trust ends but begins. Once you have the social proof you can start a relationship with the brand. You might order a starter product, read the brand story, or reach out to a rep for more information. This is where you build a connection and an experience with the brand. What this looks like on your website is a great story. Sell your story and start connections. The second part of this is the contact portion. Make sure people can get in contact with you and follow through on the desire you have built up in them on the site. Many sites will even have a lead magnet on the site to both give a first impression of quality and collect contact info for a sales reach out. 

So in short, you build trust with reviews, case studies, blogs, articles, organization badges, affiliated brands, a great story, a customer connection, and a fantastic lead magnet.

The Sphere Process.

Here at Solis Sphere, we make this whole process easy. For your site, whether it is a simple way for customers to get in contact with you or a full ecommerce solution, we have got you covered.

When we get started we sit down with you and build out a plan based on your goals. A site needs to have a purpose. Every part of our plan revolves around what you do and showing off what you do. 

We talk through who your customers are. People are such a big part of this. Keeping the customer as the target will give us both a direction for design but also for function. If you are targeting younger audiences you may want chat to be a big part of your site. If you are targeting older generations, you will want to have an easy number to call. Your target audience dictates many parts of your site design.

Next is all about you. Who are you, what do you do, how do you do it, and what sets you apart? You are the showstopper and we want everyone to know that when they come to your site. We will collect all your information and creativity to build out a site that draws people in. This is also the stage where we work out custom functionality you may have. From bookings to ecommerce, we want to get it right from the beginning.

Finally, we start the build and proof portion of the project. We create a site for you to review. Now it is the fun part. You get to see a final product and work with us to polish it into your ideal website.

From there it is the launch. Your online process has just started. It’s time to shoot for the stars!

Chat with us today to get more information or get started on a project.