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 Why invest in a website?

We live in a fast pace modern world where everything you could possibly want is at your finger tips. This is great if you are one of the 71% of small businesses that have a website. If you are not in that select few, when people go online for your products or services they go to your competitor.


Customers come to your site to find out how capable and professional you are.

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Companies gain credibility through their websites in four different key ways.

Perception credibility 
When a companies website ends in .org there is a reputation of a credible organization. There is a similar credibility with custom email addresses. Having this first step of imaging goes a long way to improving your first impression.

Being considered a leading authority in a field or profession also gives you credibility. When you have a blog or white papers on your site that are informational and useful you build a sense of authority with your audience.

First Impression
Your site looks professional, therefore you are professional. As much as this can be an oversight, it is also how a large portion of people judge companies and organizations. 
Think of your website as your online headquarters. Just because you have a nice building doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good business. However, having a broken down or unsightly building can turn people away. Same goes for websites. Looking professional is part of being professional. 

If you have a website with broken links and missing content, there is a good chance you are leaving an impression of bad service and cheap work. You can earn credibility through consistent past experience. If your site, company, and team all work well. the perception of your business will grow.  

Competitive Advantage

When a buyer is looking for a product or service they will use your website to do their research.

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What your company does will be different from your competitors. Display your advantage to buyers through clear messaging. Knowing why you are the best option for their current needs is crucial.

Using your website you can provide a greater level of service, knowledge, and professionalism. How that will work for your business and your needs will be different from other businesses. A custom package from the Solis Sphere team will help you along the way to building a site tailored to your advantages. 

Lead Generation

Having a website that potential customers can contact or buy through will generate customers.

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Who doesn’t want more leads? A website built to generate leads is a great tool in the belt of any sales team. From the ability to research your products, or even get in contact with the right person on your team. A website can serve the purpose of a lead generator.

Potential clients are looking for your products or services. Having a clear and concise way to get in touch with your team is crucial. Email, phone numbers, team member emails, street address. It all helps new clients get in touch with you. Are they finding you?

Links are a great way to inform and guide your users. From social media links to informational pages, your site can gain additional leads through back linking and helping your clients.

User Path
A well built user path for a website is one of the best ways you can begin to generate leads with your website. Designing a clear path to funnel your clients into a pipeline is key. From the landing page to a hot lead is the path you want to lead every one of your users. 


Market Research

Tracking your website traffic can show you how to target your marketing campaign.

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Tracking your market is key to improvement. From the users you have to your SEO, there are so many ways you can improve your marketing. 

User Data
Knowing who is using your site, how they are using it and what they are looking for gives you a huge advantage. There are so many uses for this data. 

First off, you can use it to generate new products. Once you know what your clients are interested in, you can tailor your products to them. 

Secondly, you can find out what kind of people are looking for your products and services. This can be used to market to more people in the same demographic.

And thirdly, you can track your growth. From users to conversions, you can know how well you are doing.

Why Choose Solis Sphere

Your business has specific needs. No matter what you do or what you need, we will specifically tailor a website for your needs. Everyone knows the product pitch. That’s not what we do. Solis Sphere takes the time to sit down and go over what your company needs, what value we can add, and your specific situation. Only then do we create a custom package built for you!

Our goal is to see you reach yours. Let’s work together and build your best site!

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