Oh no. Another blog about Social Media. This one is different in one specific way. I am not the guy who thinks everyone needs to be on social media. Many of the largest companies in the world get that way without social and many more will grow without the help of social media.

That being said, 

Why might you want to focus on social media?

Become an online authority in your market.

The online market is a big one. Almost everyone is consuming content and getting informed through social media. This means that authority is moving to the Internet. This can be seen with Web MD. Doctors often complain patients are trying too hard to self-diagnose symptoms via the internet. The trust we used to have in our local experts has been outsourced to the internet and the personalities on social media that we have come to recognize.

This can be frustrating to some but is an opportunity to those who know how to use it. If you can become an authority in your field and in your market the impact you have will be greater and so will your reach. Working with an influencer or business seen online proving their worth is preferable to that random guy in your neighborhood. 

So become that authority. Talk about the problems of your clients. Show how you are solving problems through what you provide. Know your market and show them your face and your value add. That way when they are in the market they will be looking for your friendly face. No questions asked. Having seen you prove you can deliver will give them the utmost confidence.

Build an online community

With or without the authority you can have a community. As your channels grow you will gain followers who love to consume your content. This is your online community. When you have a community you have an asset online. You can test new content, product ideas, or offers. With an engaged group of consumers, you can even pre-launch a product. 

A community will also build social proof to new customers. When looking for a business to buy from people look for reviews, certifications, and general proof that you are good at what you do. Online communities do a fantastic job of confirming this for people. Building the brand and its reputation.

Creating Discoverability through search

Social media has grown from a place to follow friends and family to a place where you discover new things. From the how-to videos on YouTube to the news you read on your feed. People are finding new things on social media.

Google put out a report last year stating that over 90% of their 2 billion users discovered new companies or products on YouTube. We all know YouTube is not the only place people find products. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin are all platforms where companies are found.

So take advantage of this move in search. As people look for video content and social content, show up at the top. Build a brand and search-focused content to show up on top. 

Help build your brand recognition

Finally, let’s talk about awareness on social media. Awareness is all about eyes and ears. If you can get people to see your brand and hear about your brand you have awareness. Posting regularly and putting content in front of viewers will give your brand the recognition you are looking for. 

People don’t buy the best product on the market. People buy the product they know about. 

When you get in front of more people you have more potential customers. This is one of the most important parts of business. Social media can help with this. Getting your brand in front of people on a regular basis.  

Social Media Content

This is all fine and dandy. But what in the world should you post?

Phenomenal question. You should post content people want to consume. Every social platform will push your content if you can get people engaging with and consuming your content. Use that to your advantage. Make content people watch. There are traditionally 3 types of content people consume. Content that informs, educates, or entertains.

Content types for social media

Informative Social Media Content

People want to be up on the news. People want to be first to be in the know. Social media plays a part in this informative content. If you have news or information from your field that will be interesting to viewers you can post this content. Build your strategy around informing your community and people will keep coming back to feel they are in the know.

Educate your audience

Educating your audience is a little different than informing your audience. Education is all about helping your audience with specific information about your field. How-to videos would fit into this category. This blog post would be an Education tool. If you have a service or a product that is specialized you can make education around the field and provide the product or service used in your how-to. This strategy is great for building authority and gaining a following.

Entertaining social content 

Entertainment used to be its own category. You could have humor, sports, or video game play-throughs as the content. Now with content being more prevalent, you have to have an entertaining aspect to your content. Even with information and educational content, you have to include a way to entertain to keep users engaged. All else aside, be entertaining.

Calls to action within Social Media Strategy

When creating your content you want to think about how you call your audience to engage. There are a few basic rules to follow. Here are a few.

  • For shorts, do not ask for anything. It drives down engagement
  • For long-form content always ask for a follow, subscription and the like and share.
  • Ask for people to buy what you are selling in at most 1 in 4 videos.

This is not perfectly straightforward. Think about content as depositing and withdrawing trust. As you provide value you make deposits in trust. When you make a request, you withdraw from that deposit.

Be sure you deposit more than you withdraw. Alex Harmozi talks about the best strategy for him being always depositing and never withdrawing as the long-term play. It allows you to build unlimited trust and when a potential client wants to engage you get to build more trust by helping them without ever asking for the order. 

All things considered, I usually go for a 1 to 10 ratio of asking for work to giving value. It ensures we are always in the positive in our trust bank with users.

What does Consistency look like on Social Media

Consistency is key. But what does it mean to be consistent on social media? Well if you are making a type of content you will want to make more of that content. Most social media management companies focus on frequency when they talk about consistency. This is the first step to consistency but not the whole story. You also want to nail down how you make asks, what your style is, and what the voice of your brand is. This helps you build trust.

Posting Frequency

This is the most simple part of consistency. As simple as it might be it is one of the most difficult things to stay on top of. Every business has busy and slow seasons. In your slow seasons, it will feel easy to be consistent. You need to think about what is reasonable in your busy season as your benchmark.

People often ask if you can post too much. The answer is yes but the number would surprise you. If you are not posting over three times per day you are not posting too much.

When deciding how often to post you should take into consideration the following:

  1. How much time do you spend?
  2. What can you do consistently?
  3. Is your content evergreen or will it get old?

These questions along with knowing your own business ebbs and flows will guide you on what you can do and what you may need to bring agencies on to help with.

Call to action frequency and consistency

A CTA or call to action is when you ask your audience to do something. To buy a product, shop your selection, apply to your program, or reach out to get in contact. What you ask and how you ask should both be consistent. 

When you consistently ask for the same thing, that becomes what you are known for. You become the brand that fulfills that need. How you ask also matters a lot. If you keep it consistent you gain the trust of your audience and the ask becomes an expected and natural portion of your content. Be consistent in how you ask and people will respond.

Social media style and voice consistency

Another important part of your social media presence is how you appear. If there is a face of your brand, keep that face up front. If there is a tone of your brand, keep that tone. Your identity online is what you make of it. This is often a downside people talk about on a personal level. On the business side it is very helpful to keep in mind. You get to craft the look, feel and personality of your brand online.

Keep that brand in mind. When posting new content you want your community to recognize and know it is your content without looking at the account name. Be consistent with the voice and style of your social media content and you will be able to build your image.

Improvement and Reiteration

Now you are almost all the way to a proper social media strategy. You know what kind of content you will be posting, you know how often you will be posting it, and how you will build your brand. Now it is time to not just get started but make your content as good as possible.

Step one is to just start. Put out posts and start recording the data. As you post you want to pay close attention to what posts are doing best and provoking the most engagement.

How to review your social media content

The data you have on your content can guide your future efforts. So how do we look at these posts? 

In order to do a full report of your content, take a look at which posts reached the most users and which posts had the highest engagement. There are a few numbers that are pushed as better metrics such as impressions and shares. Neither of these metrics shows good performance. If you have high impressions all with the same accounts that is not helping your brand. If you have a share on one post, that does not mean you will get shares on later posts like that. 

Once you have taken total engagement and accounts reached into account you can see clearly the best-performing content you have posted. Now it is time to remix that content.

Remixing and reiterating your content

Using the best-performing content you have, you can start to remix that content. Here at Solis Sphere, we have 3 ways of remixing. Use the same creative with an updated edit, create a new version of the same concept, and create new content in the same format. 

Make new content that is likely to perform well. When you remix and reiterate your content you get the best shot at hitting something that works great. This is not to say you shouldn’t try new things. However, if you know something works, use it to your advantage.

Now you know how to run a successful social media strategy for your brand. 

How Solis Sphere Can Help

Here at Solis Sphere, we can take on the role as your social media management agency. The primary two ways we can help are with strategy and content. 

We are happy to take the role of developing and keeping accountable your content team. From setting the tone to building out the schedule we are able to build your strategy.

If you need content made we can do that as well. We pride ourselves in being able to write great content and direct great photography and videography. If you are local here in southeast Manitoba we can film your content in person. If you are out of our bubble here we can work with our network to get your content made and produced where you are.

No matter your needs we are here to help. Get in contact with us and we would be happy to help you with your social media strategy.