Referral Program

How it works

Very simply, this is a back-scratching exchange. you send us a qualified referral through the following form and when they confirm their purchase we will send you $100!

How to qualify

All you need to do to qualify is to go out into the vast world and find some organization, business, or individual who needs a website. You then fill out the splendid form on this page with their information and submit it! We will contact them within two business days to set up a consultation. Once they confirm their order it’s done. All the requirements have been met and we will send you $100 crisp dollars. (no guarantees on the crispness)

Note: The sales cycle on digital products can be long. If the client does not sign up for a while under your referral that does not mean they won’t. Wait it out. If within 6 months they sign up you will receive $100.

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