Advertising is the art of making known.

When we advertise we are looking to let more people know about your brand and generate more people that are buying from your brand.

Easy enough right?

Well, what if no one has heard of what you are selling?

This takes us to the question of demand. There are some products that have built in demand. Food at the grocery store or a cold drink on a hot day. For other products you need to create demand.

When there is a demand for your product and people know what they want, it can be much easier to capture that demand. Get in front of people and make your product look better or cheaper. Done.

But what if you sell something new. Something amazing but no one is looking for it. Now we have to create demand. Build the desire within people and inform them you can fill that desire.

Some companies do this well. Those that do focused on connecting innate desire with the desire for the product. For example, an iPhone is a phone, but more than that it is a status symbol. You are part of the in crowd. That feeling is more important than the phone ever was.

Do the same if you need to create demand. Build an emotional desire and connect it to your product. That is how you create a market.

Now if you want to take it to the next level, connect your company, your brand, and your products to an organization that exudes a feeling. Popcorn and movies is a great example. A move is an adventure, an experience. And somehow, through advertising, popcorn gets that same feeling.

Create demand or capture it. Either way you need to direct it to your product.